A New Way to Waste Time

(or Blame Cinzia) (or Knowledgeable Cabbages)

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My policy regarding friends is that usually, with a few exceptions, I mutually friend and mutually unfriend. My reasons can be found in this post.

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Tarheel native
UNC 1993 (Russian & East European Studies)
Michigan 1995 (Russian & East European Studies)

Loving wife and mother of one son, herein to be referred to as AG33 (formerly The Small Boy) and one daughter, Little Rice Girl the Barbarian (formerly known as Little Sister).

Paralegal/Legal Assistant/Secretary/Office Manager/Website developer/etc. for solo practitioner. Virginia family law, bankruptcy, estate planning, collections, employment discriminiation. My boss is the least demanding man in my life.

In previous life, was (US) immigration law paralegal - H1-B specialist, also exceptional and extraordinary abilitly and other-employment based immigration.

Marriage is love.